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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Star Wars

BigBoy is SO into Star Wars right now. He loves it all -- the movies, the cartoon, the action figures, star ships, sheets (thanks Granny!), blanket, t-shirt, light sabers, and on and on and on...
The 8-yr old neighbor boy is over here as we speak playing Star Wars with him before he goes to school.
BigBoy made up a song about Star Wars. It's basically "Star Wars, Star Wars. Star Wars, Star Waaaars!" ( I never said it was good) :)
Oh and he is Darth Vader. Why not a good guy like Luke or Han or even Yoda? Nope, "I Darth Vader!"

Here he is with a clone?/storm trooper? mask we found at a yard sale last weekend.

By the way, the whole reason I'm posting about this is because yesterday when I got my camera out, he insisted on me taking these pictures. He would be very excited to show you his latest obsession so I'm doing that for him.
Have a good day and "may the force be with you." :)

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