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Monday, March 1, 2010

Springing into Action

Lately all I can think about is Spring. Spring weather, Spring cleaning, Spring Clothes -- I'm sure most of us are tired of this long, cold Winter. So I've decided to go ahead and bring the season of renewal to the inside of my house even if the outside is still partially frozen. My first project will be reorganizing my closet. I know a lot of people would be amazed to see EMPTY space in it but I am consumed with cutting clutter and excess. I have random stuff crammed on the shelf under my clothes, plastic drawers filled with everything from sweaters to Christmas bows, and a cedar chest that unfortunately has to live here due to lack of space but cannot be accessed easily. Some things (like the hub's books) are going to have to stay arranged how he likes, but I can work with that. I can't reach that top shelf anyway. :)
Here are the Before pictures... I'll post the After ones later this week. Hopefully I can help inspire you to purge, reorganize, and appreciate your space more.

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