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Monday, March 1, 2010

One closet down, 5 to go!

I worked like a mad woman on this closet this morning. Luckily Baby Cakes obliged me with some generous naps and Big Boy was thrilled to find some yard sale toys/books I had hidden away in the closet for his birthday. Luckily they kept him pretty entertained for most of the morning during my project.
I ended up completely removing the lower shelf from the back wall of the closet. I moved J's clothes to the high shelf because he's a tad taller than I am. Now I have my clothes at a much more accessible height and my drawers are nice and organized, with room to grow. I think my favorite part about the closet is not only that it feels spacious when I am in there, but that it is all truly organized. The basket on the upper right hand shelf has medicines, finger nail polish remover, basically just the things that need to be out of reach of curious fingers. The filing cabinet is under the laundry basket which can easily be moved for filing (even if this is only done about 4 times a year!). The big mirror goes over a chest of drawers that is currently being used as a changing table in our room so it will get moved out in a few months. I still got all my Monday laundry done, too. No one is out of their pajama's and it is after 3 o'clock but I still count this as a productive day. Just think about how often you open your closet and can't find what you want and it just generally annoys you. Now I feel even more motivated to move on to the rest of house.
Oh, I almost forgot! I spent $0.00 to make my closet feel 100% better. I didn't go buy a new closet system or pretty containers. I just cleared it all out and started from scratch.


Kelly said...

I did this last weekend. I pulled out so many clothes to get rid of that I thought Jordan would KILL me that it was still so full in there!! It does make you feel so much better! Way to go also since you have 2 little ones to work around, all I had to work around was the cat!

cayce said...

I know! Now I just need to brave the rest of them. You are busy with school so don't sell yourself short.