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Monday, March 29, 2010


Since I don't really have much to blog about today, I thought I'd mention Flylady. It is a good resource for anyone who might find it difficult to stay on top of their household chores/responsibilities or really ever gets caught up in procrastination of any kind. The main emphasis behind the flylady system is the use of babysteps to accomplish any goal, big or little. I'm not a die-hard follower but re-familiarizing myself with some of her principles has helped me get back on the path I had wandered off a bit. I recommend the site not only to people who want to keep their households well-run, but also to anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by a project or feels generally stressed by life. A warning though, if you join the mailing list you WILL become inundated with several emails a day. (Does that last statement remind anyone else of the signs for water rides at opryland? oh how I miss that place...) You don't have to sign up for emails to gain knowledge, though.


amberlee said...

My inbox wanted to punch Flylady in the face after about a day and half. I just couldn't hang. And the whole 'scrub your sink' thing annoyed me for some reason. Lol. I like clean, and I need to be more organized/scheduled... but it just sent my anxiety into overdrive!

cayce said...

Amber -- yeah I feel the same way. Some of the stuff the site has to say is useful, though. I don't shine my sink, either.