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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Today while BigBoy was at preschool I started looking through BabyCakes' clothes to decide what she should wear for Easter. I've always LOVED this lavender bubble dress/outfit (what do you call it?) so I really wanted to see if it would work for Baby this summer. Obviously, I got some cuuu-UUTE pictures of her in it. After those pictures went well I saw the adorable purple gingham dress with Easter baskets on the smocking around the neck. I got cocky and decided to dress her up AGAIN... not a smart move when I should have known she was hungry. As you can see, she wasn't quite ready for her close-up this time. Buttoning those tiny little buttons on the back of the dress was a bit of a pain so I got cocky AGAIN and decided to feed her in her dress. Stupid! She ended up barfing what looked like formula mixed with the remainder of her congestion (yes, I know that is nasty-sounding but at least it wasn't all over YOU!) all over her Easter dress and her mother. After that she seemed to feel a lot better. I changed her into a 9 month (yes, she is only 3 months old) summer outfit for her nap and couldn't help taking just one more pass at the photos. I put the headband bow on her and, well, I don't think it's really her. I'm so glad she looks happiest in the outfit her mother likes the best. Hopefully that's a good sign for the future. :)

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Alesia said...

What fun though to dress up a little live doll!!! Love the pictures!!! I like the bow!! But I think my favorite is the soft purple!! Suits her.