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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Pearls Progression

Just a few of my favorites...

-6 Months-

 -1 Year-

-18 Months-





Little June Turns 5

Every year I take photos of Katie in the pearls my mother-and-father-inlaw gave me before our wedding.  They used to say I looked like June Cleaver when I wore them.  
My goal is to photograph Katie in them for as many years as she will let me, and one day give them to her to keep as her own.

To our big girl upon turning 5...

You were nervous as we entered the tangle of trees and brush behind our house.
Surprising, because you don't get nervous about much.

 You asked, and of course I came with you.
It went from scary to exciting.

You used pine branches to "sweep like Cinderella."

You ran through the leaves in the white dress you picked out -- a little too big but perfect for you, because you don't like your belly button to by touched by fabric.

I put your hair in low pigtails because that's pretty much all you will let me do to your hair these days.  (We were barely back in the house 5 minutes before your stinker self pulled them down.)

After begging to venture farther and farther into the woods, you discovered a fun little stream
and became tickled in only the way a 5 year old can,.

An old dirty ball was a treasure... until you laughed and threw it as hard as you could down stream!

Lots of discoveries were to be had.  Especially for a little girl not afraid of some dirt.

 At 5, you are adventurous, funny, bright, and loving.

 You're also serious, brave, and blunt at times.

You're our Katie and we love you.
Exploring the woods was fun, but exploring you gets better every year.