"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Taking on the world belly-first

One morning recently BabyCakes emerged from her room wearing this get-up.
She had taken off her pajamas, stolen a too-small t-shirt from a teddy bear, and added the tutu.

Oh and she also ditched her diaper.  

If only we could all be so secure in our bodies and fashion choices!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Staying the Same

Today we went to a park.
Miss Melissa was kind enough to snap a few shots of us swinging.  After my post yesterday, I got some questions about "before and afters." I don't really have them yet, but I do know a couple things about before and after.

Before, BabyCakes still knew me as her mama and only wanted me to put her to bed.

( I still get most of her elusive affection.)

 ("Don't make us fall!")

Before, BigBoy still told me I was beautiful and thought I was a fun mom.

In the first grade he still wants to play with me and hug me in public.

The hubs has told me I was beautiful nearly every day we've known each other.

My weight may have changed, but my biggest blessings have stayed the same.

Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm taking a leap, trying something new... and I'm telling you about it.

I'm entering the Weight Watchers "Celebrate Success" contest.

No, I haven't hit Goal yet, but that's not mandatory.

Yes, it has been almost 2 years.  But that's 2 years of maintaining a lifestyle change and commitment to myself and my future.

No, I'm not Jennifer Hudson.  But I'm sure as hell a better version of Cayce.

So I am celebrating now.  Not giving up, but celebrating.  I've celebrated every step forward -- even when my "step forward" just meant that I didn't quit -- and so I'm going to continue to do that by entering the contest now.  After all, having compassion for myself like God has, and celebrating the small stuff is what's gotten me this far!

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

From the beginning:
I celebrated fitting in to my size 14 jeans (and then size 6 jeans!).
I celebrated being in the 100's.
I celebrated trying and enjoying group fitness classes at the gym.
I celebrated buying a bra in a regular department store instead of a specialty shop.
I celebrated numerous healthy food changes.
I celebrated no longer being obese.
I celebrated wearing button-front shirts again.
I celebrated normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels.
I celebrated far less migraines.
I celebrated turning 30 in skinny jeans.
I celebrated the new friendships I've made.
I celebrated what I learned about myself and what I was capable of.
I celebrated my honesty about my weight loss joooourney.
I celebrated the new confidence I found in who I am.
And last but not least, I celebrated a 70-pound total weight loss.  Twice.  And truth be told I will celebrate 70 again because this has been the summer of ups and downs at the scale for me. (I'm at 67 as of last week.)

I have "a future and a hope" not because I've lost weight, but because I'm a child of God, and I know He would want me to celebrate!

Wish me luck!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Sundae School

Of the all the knowledge I hope to impart upon my precious daughter, there is some so instinctual it needs no formal instruction.  

It's in the genes, if you will.  

I will, however, share this important lesson with those of you not born with our particular strand of curly DNA. 

How to Eat a Chocolate Sundae

1. Scoop

2. Eat

3. Savor

4. Repeat

Our next crucial lesson?  How to Find the Right Bra

Luckily I have several years before we go down that road... but maybe I should start stockpiling chocolate now. 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Froggy 2.0

He's baaaack!

Aw, BigBoy has his serious/Lego face on in that old photo.  
He was still trying to decide whether he liked him or not. :)

This may not be the Original Froggy, but it is quite possibly one of his descendants.
(Okay, I'm seriously getting queasy just looking at these frog photos for so long.  Let's get this post moving...)

After much admiration we released His Grossness back into the wild, aka: the mulch in the back yard of our house in the burbs.

Because BigBoy can't read this yet and I can't handle it any more, I'm getting it out here:

Ok, thanks. I feel much better now.

"Wait, No! BabyCakes, don't touch that!"

So much for not passing on my irrational fears to my children.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Before School Science

BigBoy's school day doesn't begin until after 9:00, so most mornings we are lucky not to have a "rush-rush eat your breakfast and get your teeth brushed or we're going to be late for school" environment at home.  Usually we get reading time in and watch a little PBS Kids, but this morning BigBoy wanted to bust out the Snap Circuits.

Snap Circuits is a set of experiments kids can do to learn about electricity. BigBoy loved it from the start and will often do several experiments in one sitting, all on his own.  

He can't read much, but he sure can follow a diagram.  Who thinks he's wired a bit like his daddy?
(I can't read maps, which are basically diagrams. Just ask my parents... and my husband... and my friends... and my pricey GPS.)

Depending on the parts you use, you can make lights turn on, play music, spin fans, etc. The parts have to be put together right or the current won't flow correctly and nothing will happen.

BabyCakes feigned interest for a while, 

mostly so she could try to steal parts when we weren't looking.
(Pretty, BabyCakes, pretty.)

This was a simple experiment BigBoy did this morning.  See the red light glowing?  If you know a kid that likes science, Legos, or learning in general, consider Snap Circuits!
It's never too early to encourage a love of science, right?!

P.S. No, I was not compensated for this Snap Circuits post.  I just think it is a great product. Now excuse me while I go straighten my "I Heart Geeks" bumpersticker.

P.P.S. I don't have that bumpersticker.  But I do Heart geeks. One bought me my GPS so I wouldn't get lost. :)


This morning we took the car to the car wash. Right after I put some cash in their tip-holder, BabyCakes slipped the "flower" (dandelion) she was treasuring in the box too.

See, she can be sweet! She's not just a ruffian like I sometimes suggest on here!

But as J says, "It comes and goes. I wouldn't trust it." :)

Monday, August 13, 2012


This afternoon BabyCakes emerged from her room in a Hello Kitty bathing suit - pink tutu ensemble.
(She changes her own clothes almost every day, for no particular reason.)

She said "Let's go, Mom!  I'm ready!"

Ready for what I don't know, but she looked too cute not to capture the moment so I took her out back to run from mosquitos play a bit.

Play, she did!  
She of course brought the stinker face.  

 I'm choosing to see the stinker face as proof of a sense of humor.  
Sure, let's go with that.

That girl does not pose for the camera and is VERY hard to photograph, but every now and then she slows down enough to get something special.  I'm able to freeze frame her beauty to be remembered.

Remember sucked thumbs, stained red from Starbursts she receives as a potty-training reward.

And, in spite of the camera she so desperately tries to avoid, the perfect pink kisses she offers up to the luckiest photographer in the world.

BabyCakes ~ photographed or not, you're definitely unforgettable. ~ Mom

Friday, August 10, 2012

Before Summer is Over

It's been a big summer for us! (It's not over yet, but I feel the need for a post-TN/Florida recap.)  

Fun and healthy kids, beach trips (with and without the fun and healthy kids), date nights, weddings, and more.

I've had so much fun DOING it all, that I haven't blaaaahged much this summer.

Thank goodness I have a camera phone or a lot of it would have gone undocumented.

To be honest, I don't know if I will ever go back to posting several times a week.  
I started blogging at a time when I had an infant and a 3 year old at home.  I felt a bit isolated in my struggles as a new mom of two and had a need to expand my voice.  

In the last couple years, that voice has found new audiences.  Reflecting on my own life on Just A Curl gave me what I wanted and led me to where I am now. 

I like where I am and I feel like I'm ready for something else at the same time... I feel good. 

This means that you might get less of me on my blaaaahg, but know that it could also mean more for my life.

And I know that's what you* would want for me anyway.


*Except maybe the all the grandparents who think I should focus on my most important role as grandchild photographer. ;)