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Monday, August 13, 2012


This afternoon BabyCakes emerged from her room in a Hello Kitty bathing suit - pink tutu ensemble.
(She changes her own clothes almost every day, for no particular reason.)

She said "Let's go, Mom!  I'm ready!"

Ready for what I don't know, but she looked too cute not to capture the moment so I took her out back to run from mosquitos play a bit.

Play, she did!  
She of course brought the stinker face.  

 I'm choosing to see the stinker face as proof of a sense of humor.  
Sure, let's go with that.

That girl does not pose for the camera and is VERY hard to photograph, but every now and then she slows down enough to get something special.  I'm able to freeze frame her beauty to be remembered.

Remember sucked thumbs, stained red from Starbursts she receives as a potty-training reward.

And, in spite of the camera she so desperately tries to avoid, the perfect pink kisses she offers up to the luckiest photographer in the world.

BabyCakes ~ photographed or not, you're definitely unforgettable. ~ Mom


shelley said...

She is definitely unforgettable! She is getting so big! Quite a cutie! I miss her & Bigboy so much!!!! (You & J too)

Alesia said...

Love the pictures!!! You are really gifted at shooting pictures, you know! :) The subject was quite beautiful herself. Love ya.

elise said...

she is absolutely beautiful!!! that hair just kills be every time- and she's looking sooooo grown up :)

Daddy said...

She's growing up too fast. I'm glad you're capturing her baby years. I still think about all the cute things you girls did when you were little like her. I really like the 3rd picture of her - hint, hint. Love you all!

Daddy said...

Oops! I like all the pictures, but I meant the 4th picture.

Cayce said...

Thanks, everyone! She sure is growing up fast! Daddy, I will get you some pics ;) ( you too, Shelley)