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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grandparents, cookies, and snow.

What more could a kid want, right?
Recently our family met my parents in the mountains of North Carolina. (Banner Elk area)

We had a much shorter drive, but Gramps and Granny were still happy to make the 6-hour drive to come see 50% of their grandbabies.  (Luckily the other half lives a little closer to them now.)

 It snowed a couple of the days we were there, resulting in a perfect winter view out every window in the house. This is the view from the living room.

This was also the view from the living room -- an outdoor thermometer perched just above the couch so you could easily glance and check the temp.  Some days it was only in the teens, but we were nice and cozy on the couch with the faux-fur blanket.

Occasionally we would bundle up and head out for some snow ball fights, sledding, and snow angels.

 We didn't have any fun at all. ;)

(Trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue)

Luckily we have a Jeep Wrangler now so we were able to climb the driveway and maneuver the roads. My parents didn't make it up to the house on their own until the day we left to go home!

After a while we'd get rosy-cheeked and head inside for more Hallmark-movie-inspiring fun.

We played lots of Mexican Train Dominoes. (BigBoy was a bit obsessed)  BabyCakes pretty much carried her toys upstairs then downstairs, and over and over again, with occasional breaks for dancing to the Disney music we had playing on the TV.

 Oh and there were cookies.  Um... dozens.  Yep, dozens. (This is NOT a "WW Wednesday" post!)

We all left happy and rested, without a negative word to say about anything.  We had a really, really great time in the cozy little home in the mountains!

Next time we just need a bigger house and the rest of the family. 
(Molly and Sally, Thanksgiving 2013? I'll bring the turkey... and the cookies.  :)  )