"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sailing along on Saturday

It was a gorgeous weekend here in Carolina and were sure to make the most of it.  We headed out to Jordan Lake to enjoy the 70 degrees and blue skies on the water.

Look at that sky!  We also noticed something else soon after got on the water...

Sailboats!  It's not unusual to see a few but there were a couple dozen.  We think they were racing or something (we know nothing about sailing-- including how and what they do to enjoy the sport/hobby) because they were all turning around in the same place and there was a little power boat near the turn-around point as if they were judging(?) it.

But as I said, we don't sail, so we moved along after watching them a few minutes.

Jordan lake is a man-made lake large enough to have several little coves that we like to tuck into and drop anchor.

I mostly lay on the front of the deck and keep an eye on BabyCakes' bobber, but the others like to fish.  I know how to fish, I just prefer to not handle these suckers:


It got a little warm being in the sun a few hours so the kids ended up sitting on a little ledge on the back of the boat and splashing in the water.  They had a blast.  :)

(BabyCakes curling her tongue-- they think it's funny and weird that they can do it and I can't)

I was content to just enjoy the view and soak in the day.

I know every day of their youth won't be this sunny.

Egg Hunting and Cross Dressing

This Easter we had Aunt Sally with us as a special treat!  We went to the zoo on Good Friday and Saturday night we got her sick.  :(  J and I were sick with a wicked virus earlier in the week and I guess it hung around long enough to hit her as well.  Unfortunately she was up sick half the night before Easter, so we were happy to have a low-key holiday so she could rest and recuperate.

The kids couldn't wait for the egg hunt so we did one first thing in the morning. (And another... and another...)

Aunt Sally was sleeping in BabyCakes' room so we borrowed some of BigBoy's for the occasion.  :) Oh and I'd like to add that hair and how it is to be arranged or not arranged is a major thing in our house right now.  Most of the time it is hanging in her face like she LOVES, and if I do happen to get it out of her face for a while, it doesn't last long before it is back its shaggy state!  


The kids were running around like there was a golden ticket to be found.

It was nice for them to discover their new yard this way.

BabyCakes beat BigBoy by one egg, but in his defense, her father may have helped her out a bit.

It had to be better than last year's egg hunt! ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

My sister is in town right now, but I will be sure and update y'all this week.
For now, Happy Easter from me, J, BigBoy, BabyCakes, and Baby Honey (who is rapidly expanding my maternity pants these days-- I feel like my belly is massive already! :) ). 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Here we are

Yesterday I didn't include a photo of our new house, so today I did a quick drive-by pic out the window of the Jeep (you can see the Jeep's reflection in the glass front door).
It might look bluish in the photo but it is a light gray with blue shutters and a blue front door (the door is open so you don't see it).
One day I hope to paint the shutters black and the front door red!
The yard is pretty small as we are in a cul de sac again, but the back yard is mostly just wooded and I really like that view.

This is the view from the bench at the playground in the neighborhood.  It is nice now but should be really pretty once all the trees fill in. The kids are loving the playground and it is a short walk from our house.

As a side note for the ones that have experienced this season in NC and VA, the pollen has started!!!
Thank goodness my hard-working man has cleaned up the garage already so I can keep the top down and park the jeep inside!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A moving experience

First of all, this post is being done exclusively from my phone because my feet are just enjoying the ottoman way too much.
I have a lot to write but here's my tired version:
February and March were VERY busy for us. 
We listed and then said goodbye to the green house after an eventful 6 years.
(That jeep in the driveway will get a farewell soon, too :( )

We moved all of our belongings into storage and ourselves into a hotel... For two weeks.

(The kids actually really enjoyed the hotel. I just thought this pic of BabyCakes was funny because it looks like she is sipping her morning coffee.)

Then we moved in to our new house in a new community after an epic 7 hour wait for our closing to occur.

But it all happened.  Looking back it seems like a lot to fit in to two months, but at the time it seemed to crawl by.  

April has finally kicked Winter to the curb and everything feels especially new in our life this Spring: new home, new people to meet, new schools to look forward to, new Chinese restaurants to try, and even a new baby nursery to prepare. :)

Yes, lots of NEW is going on around here, but if we are lucky many of the old friends we have from the green house will remain in our lives too. We now live 15-20 minutes away and as my friends in Tennessee, California, Florida, Texas and even North Dakota will tell you, it takes a lot more than that to get rid of me!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I can't claim this I idea as my own because I read about it and immediately loved it.  I created email accounts for my children and plan to email them pics, snippits of our daily lives, stories, etc., over the years.  One day when they are much much older (18 maybe? Older?) I will give them their email addresses and passwords. Until then the login information will be kept in a safe place so that even if something were to happen to me, it could still be found.  I'm sharing this with you because I think it is a beautiful idea and it might inspire someone else to do the same.  Of course, all families are different and what works for one, does not work for another.  Hopefully this will work for ours.

Hi Katie! Hi Jacob!

I don't know how old you are as you read this, but right now you are 4 and 7 and a half.  (I'm 32 and one day I/you will see that number as young as well.)  
I've never been great at making photo albums or scrapbooks, and I hope you won't hold that against me too much one day.  
The reason is simple:  I want to be in the moment with you and your father as much as possible.  If I can document something that happens within a day or so with a photo, blog post, or email, I can remain more present, in my opinion.  Some times I enjoy taking photos and other times it feels as though it is taking away from the memory I'm building, rather than enhancing it.  
I don't enjoy combing through old photos and picking and choosing which ones "matter" enough to make it to a scrapbook.  Those are wonderful to have but I'm sorry, they probably aren't coming from me any time soon.

I hope to use these email accounts as a means for communicating with you in ways you and I can't both fully appreciate at this moment.  I want to be able to be sentimental and personal with you without posting it on my blog, and hand-writing it just isn't realistic at this time.
I also want you to know things about me as a person.  I want to share who I am at this age and in my past.  I want you to know the things that are important to me, important to you, and important to our family as the years progress.  I want to tell you stories about your extended family as I think of them.
My messages will not always be eloquent, photos not always beautiful, and words not always easy to hear -- but just like me, they will always be here.

I love you,


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Small Stories

When I first started this blaaahg, BigBoy was three and a half.
He was sweet and affectionate.  Strong-willed and whiny at times, yes, but he had the biggest heart in the tiniest body.

Now, four year later at seven and a half, he's pretty much the same... well, he talks a LOT more!

Let me document a little "2nd Grade BigBoy" for posterity:

It's a small story, but it had a big impact. (On me, anyway...)

Yesterday I decided to try something different than the usual "How was your day?" after I picked him up from school.  Instead I asked some cheesy questions like "Was there anything that was confusing today?", "Did you do anything that made you proud?", and the like.
He said "Brayden did something that made me really proud!  He won at a Math game."
He proceeded to tell me that the rest of the class cheered for his final competitor, Austin, and he was the only classmate to cheer for Brayden.
I said, "You were the only one that thought Brayden would win?" He replied, "Oh no, Austin is the smartest kid in class; I thought Austin would win.  I cheered for Brayden because he needed someone to cheer for him."
He said it was "amazing" when Brayden won, and everyone was really surprised.  (Then I used the opportunity to explain to BigBoy what an "underdog" is.)

This anecdote was BigBoy's proudest and most memorable part of his day.  He recounted it with joy and pride in his friend/classmate.
Never did he complain about not winning (and it wasn't until today -- a day later -- that he casually mentioned that he also made it pretty far in the game, and that was only upon my reopening of the subject).
Never did he speak of the runner-up or his supporters in a taunting or derisive manner.

On a fairly regular basis, I tell my son that I am proud of him.  Not because he follows my rules or the school rules, and not because he is sweet and affectionate.  I tell him I am proud of the person he is in this world.

Sometimes it's the smallest people who have the biggest impact.