"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WW Wednesday

Yes, it's that time again.  Good ole Wednesday, the day of the week I check-in at WW and then start over in my weight loss jooourney.

Was I perfect all last week? No.
Did I make healthy choices choices that I would not be embarrassed by? No.

But did I start "tracking" again and get back on plan? Yes.
Did I get a lot of activity in?  Yes.
Do my clothes fit better now? Yes.
Did I salvage my week and have a loss at the scale after all?  YES.

Lesson learned: Unlike Vegas, what you eat on vacation does not STAY on vacation.  I know I had a loss this week, but I think I'm finally breaking through to the woman tween inside me that wants to say "Woohoo!  We're at the beach!  Let's have ice cream and eat 'fun' food all weekend!"

YOU ARE TOO OLD FOR THAT, CAYCE!  You have the (minimal) gray hair and babysitter-who-doesn't-know-who-Weezer-is to prove it!

Moving forward: This should be an interesting two weeks.  My regular Wednesday meeting is cancelled for the 4th next week, so I can either attend a different meeting or skip it altogether.
On top of that,  I snatched up the "Magic Tracker"at WW today.  What's that?  I'll tell you.
See, I "track" online but a lot of people do it old-school on paper.  They use a little spiral notebook that you write your food choices and point values, activities and points, and some other stuff.  ( I don't want to get in trouble here for sharing proprietary WW info.)
We have a notebook, or "tracker" as we call it, that our group passes around and shares.  You have it for a week, it helps hold you accountable that week, and then you pass it along.  Almost everyone has a nice loss at the end of that week, obviously because they know other people will see their choices.
It's voluntary and we don't even write our names on our pages, but it is nice to see what is working/not working for other people.  (Who knows, if I get gutsy I might do it on here some time.)

I'm always scared of the thing, folks.  FOR. REAL.

But I knew I wanted to jump start my tracking again, so when they asked who wanted the "Magic Tracker" this week, I shot my arm in the air so fast you would think they were offering up free chocolate for life.

I got it -- and an extra week I hadn't bargained for because of the upcoming holiday!

Oh yeah.  This is going to be interesting good.  I'm feeling hopeful.  This is going to be good!

P.S.  Wow, I marked through a lot of words this week.  Sorry if you found it annoying.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stinker play time

This weekend we went to the NC aquarium at Ft. Fisher.

 The kids had a blast but I think their favorite part was the new play area outside.

They slid,

And jumped,

And ran,

And climbed.

But most importantly, they smiled.

 Well, not the whole time.

They are stinkers, after all!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

B is for...

Busy summer. I am learning that the busy-ness (not business) will never really subside while kids are in my home, and that is something to be thankful for.

BigBoy. Part of why it is such a busy time is because he is in school all summer except one week. BigBoy starts the 1st grade in 2 weeks.
And he turned 6. Crazy, right?

B's. That's the grade I earned in both of my classes this semester. I won't even go into the story behind those courses. They are DONE.

Beating myself up. I recently realized that I have spent waaaaay too much energy in my weight loss joooourney admonishing myself.
By the way, I had two small losses the last 2 weeks.

Blaaaahg. Yes, life is busy. But whose isn't? I think I forgot how much I get from this outlet when I stop worrying so much about the content.

And finally B is for Blerg because I can only upload photos that were taken with my phone turned sideways. I am constructing this whole post on my phone, though, so I'm not going to hate too much.

Glad to be Back. :)

Bye. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

WW Wednesday

Yep, just another WW post today.  I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling the blaaaahg lately.  I know it is just a phase and I'll be annoying you with pics again soon, though!  

So WW this week... yeah...

Turns out it isn't so easy to just indulge while out of town (for 2 weeks) and then just pick back up where you left off when you return home.

I had ANOTHER gain this week.  Oh yes, fun times.


So, the way I see it I have two options:

1. I can hate myself for struggling and gaining (gulp) almost 10 pounds back (Told you it was fun.), quit my joooourney to a healthy weight for me, and feel like a failure, completely ignoring what I have accomplished.


2. I can take this as an expensive (in pounds) lesson to be learned about my own limits, my own will to succeed, and how true my desire to become a WW leader in the future really is.

So nope, there really is only ONE choice.

I'm not going anywhere.

A good place to start would be (gasp!) actually following the WW plan that worked so well for me for so long!

I'll let you know how it goes... :)