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Sunday, June 24, 2012

B is for...

Busy summer. I am learning that the busy-ness (not business) will never really subside while kids are in my home, and that is something to be thankful for.

BigBoy. Part of why it is such a busy time is because he is in school all summer except one week. BigBoy starts the 1st grade in 2 weeks.
And he turned 6. Crazy, right?

B's. That's the grade I earned in both of my classes this semester. I won't even go into the story behind those courses. They are DONE.

Beating myself up. I recently realized that I have spent waaaaay too much energy in my weight loss joooourney admonishing myself.
By the way, I had two small losses the last 2 weeks.

Blaaaahg. Yes, life is busy. But whose isn't? I think I forgot how much I get from this outlet when I stop worrying so much about the content.

And finally B is for Blerg because I can only upload photos that were taken with my phone turned sideways. I am constructing this whole post on my phone, though, so I'm not going to hate too much.

Glad to be Back. :)

Bye. :)


Alesia said...

So glad to see another blog....I ALWAYS enjoy them!! And B is for BRAVO! Completing two courses on line with a grade of B with two children under foot is
A-Mazing!! B's are beautiful. When the degree is served, no grades are shown on that piece of paper :) And by the way, just to let you know from someone over half a century old with an empty nest, life is never not busy.....because our bodies slow down and we are slower doing the stuff that keeps us busy!!! Keep up the good work and the good blogging! Have a fabulous day.

Frauenfelder said...

I've been waiting for you to write in here for a while. I love your blog so don't neglect it! - Ally

Cayce said...

Thank you, ladies! Yes, time got away from me and then I didn't think people really noticed/cared I was "gone!" (Again, punctuation inside or outside the quotations?!!??!?!?!?) I'm hoping to get some more time behind the camera this week. :)

Amber Lee said...

I miss your blogs, but half of that is my fault. 1) I don't sit down. Ever. 2) This new blogger has me all out of sorts. I can't find my stuff!