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Thursday, June 7, 2012

WW Wednesday

Yep, just another WW post today.  I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling the blaaaahg lately.  I know it is just a phase and I'll be annoying you with pics again soon, though!  

So WW this week... yeah...

Turns out it isn't so easy to just indulge while out of town (for 2 weeks) and then just pick back up where you left off when you return home.

I had ANOTHER gain this week.  Oh yes, fun times.


So, the way I see it I have two options:

1. I can hate myself for struggling and gaining (gulp) almost 10 pounds back (Told you it was fun.), quit my joooourney to a healthy weight for me, and feel like a failure, completely ignoring what I have accomplished.


2. I can take this as an expensive (in pounds) lesson to be learned about my own limits, my own will to succeed, and how true my desire to become a WW leader in the future really is.

So nope, there really is only ONE choice.

I'm not going anywhere.

A good place to start would be (gasp!) actually following the WW plan that worked so well for me for so long!

I'll let you know how it goes... :)

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Alesia said...

Sorry if I guilted you into posting WW blog.....but I NEED IT!!! Today is a new day....you have the choice..go forward or go backward... and we all know there is only one choice that will work. :) You are a wonderful motivator and would be an awesome WW leader!!! I am on my way out the door to see what this week has netted. It has been a struggle, but it always will be. Love you my friend.