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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sundae School

Of the all the knowledge I hope to impart upon my precious daughter, there is some so instinctual it needs no formal instruction.  

It's in the genes, if you will.  

I will, however, share this important lesson with those of you not born with our particular strand of curly DNA. 

How to Eat a Chocolate Sundae

1. Scoop

2. Eat

3. Savor

4. Repeat

Our next crucial lesson?  How to Find the Right Bra

Luckily I have several years before we go down that road... but maybe I should start stockpiling chocolate now. 



Daddy said...

You forgot that the ratio of chocolate to ice cream on one of your sundaes should be at least 2-1. Back when you were "younger", you could not see the ice cream under the chocolate syrup :-) Just another memory to love you for.

Cayce said...

Yes, that is why I only helped eat the top of the sundae. The vanilla part at the bottom was all Katie and I was fine with that. ;)