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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Staying the Same

Today we went to a park.
Miss Melissa was kind enough to snap a few shots of us swinging.  After my post yesterday, I got some questions about "before and afters." I don't really have them yet, but I do know a couple things about before and after.

Before, BabyCakes still knew me as her mama and only wanted me to put her to bed.

( I still get most of her elusive affection.)

 ("Don't make us fall!")

Before, BigBoy still told me I was beautiful and thought I was a fun mom.

In the first grade he still wants to play with me and hug me in public.

The hubs has told me I was beautiful nearly every day we've known each other.

My weight may have changed, but my biggest blessings have stayed the same.


Shelly Roe said...

Way to go Cayce!

Cayce said...

Thanks, Shelley! :)

Daddy said...

You've always been beautiful to me and Mama,no matter the size. But, I do like the healthier you. Keep up the good work. We're proud of you.

Cayce said...

Thanks, Daddy!

Mrs. Black said...

I too think you have always been beautiful...but you now have an extra prideful glow about you. You look amazing Cayce...treasure every minute with your precious little ones, sweetie.

Cayce said...

Thank you, Mrs. Black! I really do try to treasure these years. Sometimes days are easier to treasure than others, though! ;)