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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Froggy 2.0

He's baaaack!

Aw, BigBoy has his serious/Lego face on in that old photo.  
He was still trying to decide whether he liked him or not. :)

This may not be the Original Froggy, but it is quite possibly one of his descendants.
(Okay, I'm seriously getting queasy just looking at these frog photos for so long.  Let's get this post moving...)

After much admiration we released His Grossness back into the wild, aka: the mulch in the back yard of our house in the burbs.

Because BigBoy can't read this yet and I can't handle it any more, I'm getting it out here:

Ok, thanks. I feel much better now.

"Wait, No! BabyCakes, don't touch that!"

So much for not passing on my irrational fears to my children.


Frauenfelder said...

Bwahahahaa I like frogs actually, they're not gross :)

Kael said...

Frog phobia is real. Pictures alone send me into a conflict --- should I gag scream or cry!

Cayce said...

I don't mind frogs when they are behind glass and they are tiny... and I am moving quickly to the next exhibit.

Kael - I want to do the same 3 things! Blech!!!

shelley said...

Frogs & other reptiles never bothered me. So much so that when the boys tried to chase me & make me scream...I would come closer to get a better look. Of course, snails & slugs are another matter!