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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Before School Science

BigBoy's school day doesn't begin until after 9:00, so most mornings we are lucky not to have a "rush-rush eat your breakfast and get your teeth brushed or we're going to be late for school" environment at home.  Usually we get reading time in and watch a little PBS Kids, but this morning BigBoy wanted to bust out the Snap Circuits.

Snap Circuits is a set of experiments kids can do to learn about electricity. BigBoy loved it from the start and will often do several experiments in one sitting, all on his own.  

He can't read much, but he sure can follow a diagram.  Who thinks he's wired a bit like his daddy?
(I can't read maps, which are basically diagrams. Just ask my parents... and my husband... and my friends... and my pricey GPS.)

Depending on the parts you use, you can make lights turn on, play music, spin fans, etc. The parts have to be put together right or the current won't flow correctly and nothing will happen.

BabyCakes feigned interest for a while, 

mostly so she could try to steal parts when we weren't looking.
(Pretty, BabyCakes, pretty.)

This was a simple experiment BigBoy did this morning.  See the red light glowing?  If you know a kid that likes science, Legos, or learning in general, consider Snap Circuits!
It's never too early to encourage a love of science, right?!

P.S. No, I was not compensated for this Snap Circuits post.  I just think it is a great product. Now excuse me while I go straighten my "I Heart Geeks" bumpersticker.

P.P.S. I don't have that bumpersticker.  But I do Heart geeks. One bought me my GPS so I wouldn't get lost. :)


Daddy/Gramps said...

He looks so intent and serious. He's such a smart little boy who's growing up too fast, but I am glad that he loves school. Love you guys!

Frauenfelder said...

Love this post!

Alesia said...

What a great toy!!! Love it!! Yep, I think he is a bit like Jon, but that is a good thing!! Looks like he is a natural for that science stuff!

Cayce said...

Daddy, yes, he gets in the zone when he's working on things. He will do experiments for an hour at a time and never calls me over unless he REALLY can't figure it out or it is time for him to show me the end result! :) I look forward to the day he can really learn the concepts behind the experiments.