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Friday, March 12, 2010

It's finally Friday! What I didn't write about earlier in the week was the fact that J has been out of town for work. He got home yesterday afternoon and with his arrival came a nice big exhale from me. I'm sure some of my frustration with BigBoy came from the fact that I was always home alone dealing with it. I have a renewed appreciation for military families after this short period of separation. I don't think I took J for granted before but now I'm definitely extra grateful for his active participation in the parenting that goes on around here.

All in all I'm ready for the weekend and then a new week. Let me tell you about a nice little move I did when we were leaving the park the other day. I was loading BabyCakes into the car and was sandwiched in tight between our vehicle and a giant SUV right next to us. As I was leaning in the car I noticed that my underthings could use a rear-end alignment. The door was wide open, protecting me from the view of the public, and the giant SUV was right next to me so I quickly took care of the problem. Just as I shut the door and turned to go to BigBoy's side to buckle him in, I see a MAN sitting in the front seat of the SUV that I THOUGHT was shielding my oh-so-classy digging site.

Yep. And there was NO WAY he didn't catch my whole act. As I said, we were sandwiched in there tight.

Anyway, Im so glad it's Friday!

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Elizabeth said...

HA! Nice ;D These moments are always so humbling.