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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Same old, same old

Today was a pretty normal day for us. This morning we had "summer camp" registration at BigBoy's preschool. I say "summer camp" because it's really just preschool that is every morning for two weeks instead of twice a week. After that we went to the grocery store and then splurged on McDonald's for lunch. We came home, BabyCakes napped, we got some things done and played a little, etc... same old, same old.

"Same old, same old." That's what I kept repeating to myself when I was thinking about a post for today. I even told my friend Rachel that I couldn't think of anything to write about and she said "well I'm sure you'll come up with something." I don't think my life is boring but I don't want to take it for granted, either. I know that one day the things that seem normal or even annoying at times will suddenly be precious in my memories. Brushing BigBoy's teeth for him with his light-flashing, glittery-yellow toothbrush won't seem like a chore -- just a time when he was so small he couldn't do it himself. Maybe when I remember that I will also remember his shark pajamas (that he has on tonight) and that when he first got them he insisted on being called Shark Boy and Shark Boy only.
Having a hard time getting BabyCake's diaper to fit right because her thigh rolls are so deliciously plump... getting out the door 3 minutes later than "necessary" because BigBoy HAD to put on his socks and shoes all by himself... such seemingly minute details will become the mental souvenirs of a blessed life.
I don't know why I am being so sentimental. Maybe I just feel undeservingly lucky. Maybe this is just what "happily content" feels like.
Whatever the reason, I am enjoying it and will continue to strive ( I say "strive" because goodness knows I'm not always) to be positive about life and appreciate what I have when I have it.

Proverbs 19:8 says, "He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; he who cherishes understanding prospers."
I may not understand the reasons for my blessings but at least I know Who has blessed me -- and there's nothing "same old, same old" about Him.


Alesia said...

Wonderful post. As I passed our chruch where the two teens who were killed on a motorcycle wreck were having a double funeral yesterday, I thanked God that my children were safe and for all the times he has protected them when they drive....and I thanked God that I was not burying my children today..... we take so very much for granted ALL of the time. The boy was 18 and is Phillip Wilson's son ( his sister is married to Bryant Coker) and the girl was from White House....such a tragedy. A truck pulled right into them, just didn't see them..... they were great kids from what i see on Facebook. Hug your healthy, happy children today and be glad for the same old, same old..... I always say "boring is good. That means everything is very normal." Love ya!!! Alesia

Kelly said...

I think this all the time, that my life is just boring, but I love that it is. Is that crazy? I love that boring means that I get to spend every night with my husband watching tv or him on the internet while I read a book on the other end of the couch. We are boringly simple....and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I can't wait until I have children and can feel what you feel for yours. I loved this post and I love seeing that even "same old same old" is still pretty awesome at your house.

Rachel said...

great post! see? I told you you'd think of something! :-)

cayce said...

I'm glad you ladies enjoyed this post. I've really benefited from making a conscious effort to appreciate things more often. I hope I can encourage others to see the positives in their lives.

Sarcasm will still be my warm blanket on a cold night, though. :) Well for me I should say my chocolate on a bad day. Oh who am I kidding? My chocolate on any--ok EVERY--day!