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Monday, March 14, 2011

Bed Bottle & Beyond

With Spring just around the corner, daffodils and pear trees aren't the only things in bloom around here.

Yard Sale Season is upon us!

Now, I know all yard sale areas are not created equal. A lot of you are probably thinking "Yeah, but all they ever have is junk!"
The cluster of communities in my region is great for Saturday-morning bargains, though.
Here are some recent yard sale finds that found their way to BabyCakes' room.
I took these photos in the early evening so please forgive their quality.

I found this quilted pillow at an 80+ year-old lady's sale in our neighborhood.
It was $1 and I thought the cheery colors were cute.

This was the same lady's baby bottle. It is glass with little terriers playing on it, and the fluid ounce measurements are embossed as well. I felt guilty paying her the $1 she was asking for it. I plan to use it as a vase in BabyCakes' room.
Sadly, I had no flowers to put in it. :( Nothing lonlier than an empty vase -- or bottle, as is often the case in my home.

And now for the best find of the season...
a new (to me) crib!
Last week I was putting BabyCakes in her hand-me-down crib from BigBoy and I heard a snap. The next night was a distinct crack. Our almost-5-year-old $150 crib from Walmart has served us well over the years, but the rail finally had too much. It wasn't bad but even with the weak side against the wall, I no longer felt secure about its structural integrity.

(Notice the beadboard detailing like her other furniture has?!)

This white simmons sleigh crib was $20 (over $500 new) including the mattress. It was 3 years old and MUCH nicer than our old one and really in incredible condition. (We put the drop-side against the wall.)

The blanket was a $1 find from a consignment store in Kentucky.

Back to the yardsale, I told them they could keep the mattress and I didn't even haggle on the price.
I don't like to screw with my bargain-karma. If something is already a price I'm willing to pay, I never try to get it cheaper. Even if I know I probably could.

I might be cheap frugal but I'm not tacky.


elise said...

that's awesome!! our crib is that same brand (as your new find) and has held up very well- other than the fact that Emory chewed all along the edges of it. grrrrrrrrr. baby brother is going to use it anyway:O)

i also love the blanket and pillow! great finds!
i don't haggle either if i know its a good deal already- i just thank God i found it before someone else!

cayce said...

Elise, I think my kids were trying to gnaw their way to a slow escape from the old crib. I didn't even realize just how many teeth marks there were until the crib was disassembled.
I kind of miss it, though. :( :)