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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'll have a Thursday with a cherry on top, please

Ahhhh. Sweet diet-cherry-limeade-perfection...
Oh, sorry about that. I was just enjoying my treat from Sonic.
Warmer weather always gets me craving slushes and cherry limeades and a diet one is only 1 WW point for a large. :D Me likey.

I thought I'd update you on my hugging thus far.
Yesterday I hugged two neighbors. They were both different but both went well.
Today I haven't hugged anyone but the munchkins.
That's okay. I'm not really in a hugging mood.
Let's not force it, m'kay?

So far: Hugs - 3. Weak "Hey" - 1.

(Btw, I'm giving "Hey" points when I could have hugged the person but didn't.)

This tulip was barely hanging on for dear life. It was in that don't-touch-me-or-all-my-petals-will-fall-off-and-I'll-officially-be-a-goner period. A good reminder that life can be beautiful even near its end.

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