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Monday, March 7, 2011

Date Night

Last night I went out on a date. Yes, it was with my husband of almost 10 years (wow) but it was a real DATE. I even wore non-flat shoes!
My parents are in town and they fed the children and put them to bed so that J and I could go out for the first time since October.

We drove to a local mall that has a nice outdoor section of shops, restaurants, fountains, and a movie theater. Unfortunately because it was Sunday the stores closed at 6:00, but we still had a great time.
We went to Firebirds and I had the best meal I've had in ages.
The loaded baked potato I ate was nothing short of sinful.

We even got dessert. Two, in fact!
We don't go out often so we decided to make the most of it (and my WW weekly points allowance).

(Images courtesy of http://www.firebirdsrestaurants.com/)

After dinner we went to the first movie we've seen together in a theater since before the children were born. Nothing really looked super-interesting but we wanted to see a movie so we watched Hall Pass.

The movie was, well, what you might expect, but it was still just soooo cool to be out on a date with the hubs.

There were a couple times when the movie got loud and we both said that our first thought was "Don't wake the kids!"

Even enjoying ourselves alone on our date, we were still parents. :)


Amber Lee said...

That's the way it works, friend! lol
Glad you guys got a much-deserved night out (and a little jealous. A lot.)!

cayce said...

Yes, I wish ALL parents could have at least one night off a month.