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Monday, March 28, 2011

Boys Town

Last week I set up BigBoy's Toy Story tent in the living room for him to play with for a few days. Even BabyCakes had fun in the tent.

I knew it would be a big hit when the neighbor boys came over to play. Usually would just let them figure out what to play and go about my folding laundry/washing dishes/random household activity while they entertained themselves, but I had just read this post about using a little extra effort and "wowing" somebody that day.
I thought back to all the clubhouses and forts of my own childhood and knew I could do the boys so much better than a simple tent.

That's right. I broke out extra furniture, pillows, sheets, baby gates, and some cardboard.
The boys LOVED it.

We even had a race car room (because you could race cars on the roof), and a Spiderman room/ coloring room. They got out every "boy" toy we own to put in that fort, but they also cleaned them all up before they left. (I should mention that BabyCakes was napping during most of their visit, otherwise she would have destroyed their fort Godzilla-fashion.)

I love when BigBoy plays with these boys. They are fun, polite, well-behaved children -- precisely the influence I want for my own child.

I'm glad I was able to "wow" them. Luckily when your audience is under the age of 6, it isn't that difficult. :)


Daddy said...

I remember days when my own sweet Mom made a tent for me to play in. It's a memory that makes me smile to this day. That is so great that you carry on her tradition. She would be proud of you. Love you!

Melissa said...

Wow - that is so cool! Looks like they all had a great time :)

Cayce said...

Oh, it was awesome. :)