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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WW Wednesday

Hey there, campers! I'm back again today for this week's edition of WW Wednesday.

Last week I talked about giving myself a break and I did the same this past week.
Now, I didn't eat horribly and sit on the couch all day. I just tried to keep it all a little more fluid -- more instinctual.
I felt I needed a breather to prevent getting burned out.
This week's weigh-in reflected that, too. I had a tiny loss on the scale, but that's okay. It was still a a loss, after all. About the equivalent of a good haircut, but ya know whatever.

To be quite frank, I was surprised. I was so proud of myself for everything I did yesterday (3 walks and a 70 minute bike last night), that I just KNEW I was going to have a decent drop. I was so cocky that I wore my new jeans instead of my lighter pants for the weigh-in, thinking I had plenty of weight-off to spare!

Well, life has a sense of humor and the scale doesn't lie.
And I'm glad.
It put me in my place.
Just because I had one day of exercise and didn't do "horribly" in the eating department didn't erase the fact that I had T-bone steak on Saturday AND Sunday for dinner! (come on, I almost never eat steak, it was on big sale, and it was too gorgeous NOT to grill out) I might have also had a krispy kreme. Or two.
Maybe I got a little carried away...

But that's life. And it's okay to get carried away sometimes. Just not for every meal.

In the end my minimal loss will prove to be beneficial. My parents will be in during the next WW week, we have a date night planned, and we are also having some friends over on Saturday - all things that will easily tempt me to go overboard.
But now, now I'm dressed and ready for the game. Bring it OWN, biatch!

So, lesson learned this week: I was right that I would rather wear clothes I actually feel good in to my weigh-in, than have that extra half pound of loss on the scale. I'm not a slave to that number. That number works for me so I can track my progress. Besides, why not enjoy the superficial benefits of losing weight as much as the important ones?
Also, I'm tired of the sidelines. I'm ready for the second half to start and everyone knows that's when the game really gets interesting.

Goals for the week: Come to the game with eyes wide open, treat my body with the respect that the mother of my children deserves, and show this mutha who's boss.
(Also, don't eat any more of BigBoy's reward M&M's. It's so not cool how many I have had.)


Kelly said...

You will relate to this I know.
The health department is about a second away from Great American Donut Shop in BG.
It's my new biggest enemy....and a little bit my BFF.

cayce said...

LOL. yeah, good luck with that! I think the best way to handle it is to make yourself a Donut Day. Then you will KNOW you will go on that day only and you can tell yourself just to wait till then when you get a craving.