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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WW Wednesday

Two posts in one day -- I'm on fire lately! :)

This last week involved one indulgent date night, one cookout with friends, and also some delivery pizza for lunch and dinner and breakfast the next morning. I was good to compensate with healthier choices in my other meals, though.

Today walking in to WW I was uncertain as to my fate. Last week I thought I had done so well and I got a little slapped around. It's always exciting to step on that scale and this week I had a smile-worthy loss.

I think the key to all of this for me is to not be a perfectionist about it.
I absolutely do not want my weight loss efforts to include strategies that I cannot maintain. I do not want to wake up one morning and think "I haven't had chocolate in 9 months. I think I'll eat a whole bag of Hershey Kisses now."

FINALLY I've accepted that in order to have the large amount of success I want (in my weight-loss of course), it is going to take a lot of failing.

It's simple as that: Get back up every. time. you. fall. down. (Also known as a life of moderation, I suppose.)

To me "falling down" could be having 2 3 Krispy Kremes for breakfast, going all week without exercising, or even having a gain on the scale that day.

Lesson learned this week: If I want to continue to lose and become a healthier person, I have to reshape what I consider is a normal amount of food for me. After losing 40 pounds, I need fewer calories to maintain my weight. So duh, I have to adjust my diet to reflect that. ("Tracking" in WW --something I still didn't do last week. I WAS very aware of what I was eating, though, and kept a loose mental tally).

Goal for this week: Track every single day. Try to reevaluate some of my old stand-by's to see if they are really still working for me. Also, eat more fruit.

P.S. When my WW buddy Melissa and I walked in today, this angel on earth standing to the side said "Here's the skinny girls!"
HA! Only in a WW meeting... :)

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