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Friday, March 18, 2011

Blue skies smiling on me, Nothing but blue skies do I see

It's beautiful in Carolina today. If BabyCakes weren't napping, you better believe I wouldn't be blogging. :)

This morning we Curly girls joined Neighbor Melissa and her girls for an NC State Ag Dept. "Farm Fun Days" outing.

I was really excited because, being the second-born, poor BabyCakes usually just gets schlepped around on errands and BigBoy events. It's rarely just about her.

The weather was so perfect, I just knew this would be a fun time.

But then we got there and THIS is what we found:


In the middle of the morning.

On a weekday.

BabyCakes wasn't interested in the animals at all. She mostly stayed in the stroller.
To be fair, their set-up was pretty good. A nice variety of your standard barnyard animals and equipment, and it was free.
I guess I just grew up around this stuff too much to want to fight a crowd for it.

Even when we were leaving, there was still a nonstop stream of cars entering the farm.
It was still a nice morning out, though, and I'm glad Melissa invited us. We would've stayed for the free ice cream but we had to get back to town and pick up BigBoy from preschool.

After preschool, we joined several of his classmates for a picnic lunch at a local park.
BabyCakes did a little exploring of her own while the big kids played on the playground.

She took a tumble (while her mouth was full of food -- good Mama, huh?) and my friend Mindy took this picture while I was helping her up.

I asked her to take our picture so there would be some evidence of me as her mother.
Not the most flattering shot (Hello, double chin!), but whatevs.

We left pretty early because blondie needed her beauty sleep.

This was definitely one of those mornings that I was very aware of how blessed I am.
Yes, BabyCakes woke up like FOUR times in 2.5 hours last night, but I'll take a night like that if it means a morning like this.


Melissa said...

Love it! I like the pic of you and BabyCakes :)

Kelly said...

Double chin....whatever! You look great!!!

cayce said...

Y'all are sweet. Oh and BabyCakes doesn't think the photo is very flattering of her, either. :)

Amber Lee said...

You look beautiful! Sweet pic :)