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Friday, April 2, 2010

BabyCakes' Nursery!

Sorry about the jumbled pics and the weird print placement -- I was having a hard time with blogger.

Anyway, I present to you BabyCakes' room! I am super-happy with how it came out. I put a lot of my own personality into it because, well, she's just a baby so I'm going to do what I want while I can. :)
I took these pics in the morning time with LOTS of light flooding the room. Actually it was when BabyCakes was waking up for the day. She happily cooed at her miracle birdie mobile. I call it a miracle mobile because most nights it helps her drift off to sleep pleasantly (knock on wood).
The wall color is called Belize and I love how cheery it is. The crib was BigBoy's and the yellow gingham bedding set is pottery barn that I found at a kids consignment store for $25. The white desk/hutch and dresser/mirror we bought from a friend who graduated from college and no longer needed them. We also bought a matching bed with a trundle underneath. BigBoy has it in his room right now. He needed to move out of the toddler bed anyway. The desk is working great for a changing station.
The banner over the crib I had made by a local woman who sells on etsy. I saw that she had other banners and also sold paper doll dresses in a much larger size, so I originally thought I would steal the idea and made it myself. When I looked at how much I wanted to get done and how long it would take me to try to get the project done myself, I decided the $20 she asked for a custom one was a very fair price. (I was giganto-preggo and not looking forward to what I knew would be an incomplete project for weeks.)
The bin in the top of the hutch and the paper doll pictures were all me, though. :) I found in an antique store downtown a set of vintage paper dolls. I loved that they weren't perfect and you could tell they had really been played with. I made color copies and used those copies to decoupage a $1 plastic bucket from Target.
The white frames were just cheap ones (I think I paid $3 apiece for them after coupon at Michael's about 2-3 years ago) I already had and weren't using. I bought white mats and and 2 sheets of yellow (they look more yellow in real life than in the pic) cardstock to use as backing. My mom had brought me some of my great-grandmother's old clothespins and I really wanted to use them somehow. I decided to attach twine (is this twine?) to the frames and "hang" them from the clothespins. Instead of damaging the pins, the frames are actually hanging on their own on the wall and the pins are attached to the wall with that putty stuff you can use to put posters on the wall. It won't hurt the wall or the pins and it looks like they're really hanging there, don't they?
The boyds bears were some of J's late mother's collection. The rocker was the one she and her siblings were rocked in as babies. I replaced the cushions with a set I got on clearance at Penney's for $25 after tax.

The bear coat-hanger-thing on the wall, humpty dumpty, (non)talking smurfette, and the "baby's first nest egg" coin bank were all things I grew up with in my room.

I already have white tab-top valences I'll probably put up one day, but for now, here it is!
What do you think?


Alesia said...

Love, Love, Love the color and everything about the nursery. So very personal and full of history which I love. Most people these days don't see the importance of heritage.....I took 3 total days off this holiday weekend, so I will be playing catchup all week, but that is okay. It was an amazing weather weekend here.. and I ENJOYED God's beauty in the Springtime to the hilt!!! Hoping you are having a great week. Hopefully towards Friday I will be in a better shape and we can talk on the phone for a bit. Am looking forward to your visit to meet Baby Cakes!!! and see how Big Boy has grown....

VintageScraps.etsy.com said...

This is such a beautiful room!! I'm honored to have my garland included :)

Elizabeth said...

You are so creative Cayce! I love it! I especially like the desk/changing table for all its future use and the clothes pins for all their decorative reuse!

Elizabeth said...

PS. I'm REALLY diggin' that colour. Bright, happy.. and Not pink! ;D You rock the unconventional.