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Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Morning!

This is what I woke up to this morning and I thought I'd share some of her chubby gurgliness with you, too! I'm sooo thrilled to see that we are in for another BEAUTIFUL week of weather! Everything is green and growing... the wisteria around my mailbox is beginning to bloom... ah Spring.

I think about my grandmothers' flowers a lot this time of year. Personally, I run a plant hospice so if you know of any plants who would like a loving environment to live out their last days, send them my way. ;)
One of my earliest memories involves Spring flowers. My father's mother (GG to us) always had buttercups. I remember picking them by the handfuls and proudly bringing them in to be displayed. Now, my memories are a little foggy because it was so long ago, but if I remember correctly, we (my sister and I) would pick nearly every flower in her yard and she would always great our "gifts" of flowers with "Oh, how beautiful!" and proceed to find a glass or jar to display them in. I don't remember ever being scolded for balding her yard. Even after she passed when I was a small child and my grandfather re-married, buttercups were there. I would go spend a few days with him and our new, wonderful Miss Ruth, who would encourage me to pick as many of the flowers as I wanted from the hillside by their house.
My mother's mother (MeMe) has always had a green thumb. It's the flowers she didn't plant that I remember the most, though. I remember spending the night with her and my grandfather at the tinytiny house they lived in while building their current one. In the morning we would walk the path through their property, past the garden, to check on the progress of the house or just help the sun rise. On that walk I couldn't wait to see what color morning glories were bloomed. Morning glories felt so magical to me. You never knew if you would see them or if you did, what you would see.

I've often said that if I won the lottery I would always have a bouquet of fresh flowers in my house. I may not be able to grow them but I can still have them in my life. Right now my children are my flowers, I suppose. Beautiful and changing with the seasons... now that I think about it I did win the lottery.


Alesia said...

Wonderful post!!! Mama loved flowers also....the last three weeks of her life, I kept fresh flowers in her living room. She always told me "I don't want a bunch of flowers when I die, I want to see them while I am alive." I tried to honor that and at least once a month I brought her a fresh boquet from Wal Mart to enjoy on her table....., so take time to do something like that for someone you love while they are alive!!! And yes, Cayce you are blessed to KNOW that you have hit the lottery!!! :) And I too, am a santuary for dying flower...unfortunately did not inherit my Mama's green thumb. I can kill most anything. I have many "starts" from Mama of plants that come back every year, and I can manage to keep those alive!!

Alan said...

Something tells me though that children are generally less fragrant than fresh flowers... sigh.