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Friday, April 9, 2010


"Oh Cwifford! Where are you?" This is what I heard BigBoy saying the other night when he couldn't find his halloween Clifford book we bought at a yard sale last weekend for 25 cents. We searched the house high and low, only to find the book between his bed and the wall (only a sliver of a space). He went all over the house saying "Cwifford, where are you?" and telling me "Cwifford ran away." How cute is that? He said that about a Star Wars toy today, too.
He's frustrated that we haven't found a Darth Vader action figure for his collection (his favorite character, of course). (Grandparents - be on the lookout for the 4-inch Darth Vader action figure at Target or WalMart if you want to move to the top of his list of favorite people.) I asked him what he was going to look for at yard sales in the morning with me, and he said Darth Vader because he's been "hiding from him" in the stores.
I think tomorrow when we go to yard sales I am going to have him bring his coin bank with him. I've tried to explain to him what money is, but maybe he'll understand better if he sees how it works first-hand. I always end up getting him something, anyway, so this should be a good chance for him to get something that doesn't cost much and learn about money at the same time. Of course in his Thomas the Train coin bank there are also rocks from the chuch parking lot, gold fish crackers, pretzel sticks, and a couple leaves off a bush -- you know, all his valuables. :) Wish us luck. Last weekend was a bit of a bust. It was still a gorgeous morning out with my boy, though, and that's never a waste. I know that one day too soon a used McDonald's toy won't quite make me the hero it does today.

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Alesia said...

How right you are....the toy wants just get bigger and bigger.....:) But you will always be his hero at heart. There will just be a time frame when he won't show it and you will have to hide in the shadows for a few years. He WILL come back around. Boys are awesome!!! :)