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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This last week in between the normal routine of it all, we've managed to spend time with some of our sweet friends.

On Friday our 1 yr old neighbor Emma and her mommy came to play for a while. It was enlightening to see how many toys BigBoy has now that are NOT baby-friendly. Hmm...must figure out a solution for when BabyCakes is crawling... I don't want her choking on a miniature light saber.

On Monday we went to the park with neighbor James and his mom. The boys ran around for a good long while and had a ball. It was just TOO pretty to be inside. BabyCakes obliged me with a nap in her stroller, sweet thing.

Tuesday Miss Kelly graciously invited BigBoy to come play with James and his brother Noah for a while in the afternoon while BabyCakes napped. It was a nice reminder of how much you can get done without any distractions. BigBoy can entertain himself pretty well these days, but there are still the frequent "Mommy this and that" even if I only need a little while to accomplish a task.

Today Biz, Sweet Caroline and Miss Rachel came to visit. The babies napped and woke up at the same time and the older children played well together as always. I sure hope the baby girls get along as well as the older two! After they woke up and ate, I got to take some pictures of Caroline. Here are a couple of the girls when we were just hangin out. I made a second failed attempt at taking pictures of BabyCakes in her Easter dress earlier. She just wasn't having it. She told me she felt fat today. ;) Usually these two girls have footed sleepers on all day so these pictures aren't really representative of their "style." :) They still look cute, though.

I wish we were able to see our TN/KY friends more often but feel very lucky to have special people in our lives here in Carolina. I want my children to grow up with friendships to last a lifetime like I have.

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