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Friday, April 23, 2010

My finds

I headed out this morning to a yard sale advertising Star Wars toys. I got some great stuff there for BigBoy (it's all in his room or I would have pics of my great finds) and then moved on to a community yard sale in town. We rarely have Friday ones here so it was a treat.

Here are a few of today's treats:

This is my favorite buy of the day. It is a large (I think 5 ft or more in diameter) round two-tone pink elephant rug for BabyCakes' room. I saw the woman putting it out and knew I wanted it but she wanted $45 and I didn't want to give that. It was early so I understood her not wanting to come down yet. I went to a few more sales and then I realized just how much I wanted this whimsical little rug for Baby's room. I went back for it and ended up getting the rug, 2 cute flannel crib sheets, and a tinkerbell outfit (see below) for Biz for $30. There were a few places on the rug that needed spot cleaning but it looks great now. The rug might be Pottery Barn but I can't seem to find a listing for one matching the description anywhere online. It sure looks cute to me, whether it is Pottery Barn or not, though.

This cork board I got for $1. It was marked $5 and I wasn't sure I wanted it but when I turned to leave the sale the woman said "I'll give it to you for a dollar." Into the Element it went. I have a plans for its makeover already.

This swing will be perfect on the great magnolia tree in Papa's backyard. It was $5 and only used one year.

The mini-fridge is J's favorite find of the morning. He's been wanting one for his office for some time now but if they're ever for sale they go really fast. One just like it is listed at $180 at Target right now. I got this one for $40 because I was brave. I didn't see anything at this yard sale and was about to leave when I saw the fridge out of the corner of my eye. It had a big sign on it advertising cold drinks for 50 cents apiece so I assumed it wasn't for sale and only for holding cokes. (yes, I say "cokes" instead of sodas. haha....hush.) The old me would have just thought nothing of it and gotten back in the car but instead I said "I know it's not priced but since this IS a yard sale I thought I'd see if you'd like to sell that mini fridge." They said "Oh yes, it's for sale," and pointed to the tiniest $50 sticker you could imagine. I asked if they would take forty and that was that. I'm so glad I stepped outside my comfort zone.

These never-been-used hair trimmers/clippers I got for $4. J cuts his hair with (un)help from me (I do the back semi-decently) and he's been wanting a new set. We also do BigBoy's most of the time. It doesn't always go well when I get in there, though.

A pic of BigBoy for his fans, aka grandparents.

One of two ski bibs I got for $1 each.

Snow boots for Biz that were $1.

The Tinkerbell costume.

Someone also had Krispy Kremes and coffee for sale and they gave me 2 chocolate iced ones for a quarter! BigBoy was thrilled! He was also a saint. It helped that he had some of his new Star Wars toys to play with but we were gone for over 2 hours. He and Katie were soooo good.

I'm heading back out in the morning by myself. Yard sale season doesn't last forever and there are more neighborhood ones (the best kind). Wish me luck!


Alesia said...

Love your finds. One of these days I am going to scope out some of the nicer neighborhoods in Gallatin and go to yard sales. Portland ones aren't usually too hot.....:) You are SUCH a savy shopper...I love it!

cayce said...
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b20vtec_ek said...

I do believe that your rug is Pottery Barn too. That was a great find. Those things are expensive. I love yard sales, there aren't many in MS. Not that I think they would be any good anyway.

cayce said...

It turns out the crib sheets are pbk, too, and I didn't even know it when I bought them. I went to more yard sales yesterday but didn't get quite the haul I had on Friday. I did get another large mini-fridge for $10, though. It is older but it works!