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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The weather lately just cannot be beat. I love this time of year when the wisteria around my mailbox is in bloom. BigBoy, aka Spiderman, joined me outside to take a picture and he of course had to get in on the action. BabyCakes is currently taking a nap, otherwise we'd be outside enjoying this weather. (Ignore the dirty mailbox post.)

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I read a couple books to BigBoy's preschool class today. I thought he would be really happy to have me there but unfortunately that was NOT the case. I got an okay greeting from him but I think the whole thing just confused him. We don't always communicate easily but the impression I got was that this was "his" space and in this space Mrs. Alice was in charge. As we left, I asked him if he was happy I came to read and he said "No, I love Mrs. Alice." Yes, this did break my heart a bit but I'm a big girl. :) He's been his normal loving self this afternoon, though, so I can't complain if for 6 hours a week Mrs. Alice is #1 in his book.


Alesia said...

Love the wisteria too!! It is georgeous!! And the weather is fabulous....love ya

b20vtec_ek said...

Again... I LOVE your house!! And your wisteria is beautiful. I went to help with Jackson's Easter party and he wasn't mad because I was there, but you could tell that it was strange to him. I guess we should feel good that there are teachers out there that make that kind of impression on our children. To know that they love and care for them as if they were their own. Jackson's teacher, Mrs. Jean, treats both of my kids as if they were her own grandchildren. I feel so lucky to have found her and his school. Even if he would rather be there than with me. Guess it just means he is growing up... **** Sigh****

Kelly said...

At least you have a child that you are pretty awesome to most of the time! I envy you on that!

P.S-- your house looks like one in a movie, in the perfect neighborhood, where everyone wishes they lived. It's sooooo cute!

cayce said...

Aw, ya'll are sweet. It is a beautiful neighborhood and there are some really gorgeous homes. It's very "American Dream-y." We have like the smallest house but it never feels too small to me. It feels juuuust right. :)

Elizabeth said...

You take pictures and write your blogs like something out of a magazine. I'm jealous of your skills. ;)