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Monday, April 5, 2010

It was a beautiful weekend, wasn't it?
This post is for BigBoy. First, here he is giving some of his Star Wars people a bath. We had come in from being outside for a while and I noticed his hands were filthy. I helped him wash them but his nails and cuticles were still a mess and I didn't want him to take a bath right then, so I thought if we gave his toys a bath his hands would be in the water enough to finish the job. Worked like a charm. I felt like a real mom for coming up with that little idea. :)

These are "ships" BigBoy made and lined up in the living room. There were about twenty and he was very proud and wanted a picture taken. :)

Here are the "flowers" BigBoy picked. He still has one glass on his bookshelf even though it is about a week old. Children are so sweet. They can see beauty in a weed. This same child will turn to me at a time I feel my least glamorous and say "Mommy, you're so pretty" and give me the most loving, genuine smile in creation. He always thinks I'm a flower... even if I am a weed.

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