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Monday, September 12, 2011


I accidentally had the caps lock on when I typed the post title but I like it like that.  So it's STICKIN.

As I said a couple weeks ago, I don't want goals in my life that I claim are important to fall by the wayside due to poor planning.  This is where I am going to check in with my progress toward going back to school.

My goal for last week was to reapply for admission (I've taken a class there before) to Community College.
(I'm not naming names on here.)
Well, today I did that.. mostly.  I filled out the online form to get the ball rolling and then was unable to actually log-in to my account so I could see where to go next.  After cringing and calling tech support for help, I was told that their "system" would be down all day and I should log in tomorrow.


As the wife of an IT professional -- who worked at more than one university, I might add --I find it baffling that this would be acceptable.
A whole day?  A whole day where no one has access to their school account.  And they told me like they were telling me it was Fish Stick Day in the cafeteria -- no biggie.

So, shame on me for waiting until today to officially apply.  I already contacted WKU for my transcripts, though, because it can take a week or so to get those.

So, this week I aim to finish applying and request my AP scores.

Ah, Community College.  May your mediocrity flow over me like the dirty bath water it is.

Pssst... How are the rest of your goals coming along?  Kelly? Melissa?  Anyone else want to share?


Rachel said...

love that picture of BigBoy! love the "fish stick" comment too! you make me laugh.

Cayce said...

He was not quite 3 and a half in that pic. awww... :)

Melissa said...

I cleaned out the playroom and have an entire bin of toys to donate, and got all the clothes organized, which were the first two things I listed. In the next two weeks, I have more work to do with clothes - getting them out of the attic and giving all the newborn - 12 mo stuff away. I'm sad, but I'm happy someone else will use them, instead of having them sit in our attic.
Good for you getting the ball rolling, Cayce, on getting enrolled on school :)

Cayce said...

Melissa - you did a lot in these last two weeks! All the painting and clearing out. Look out!

Kelly said...

Ok, so I know it's Saturday and I am JUST now posting. Please forgive. I have another Make it happen goal that I want to share....I MUST keep my mums alive this fall. I try every year and every year I fail BIG TIME. Hopefully, I can make it happen this year! (also, I am still on a job search and I am still trying real hard to stay positive....it's really hard though when you work for a company you hate and are surronded by people who are hard to be nice to :)...that's right, This is me, being positive....)

Cayce said...

Kelly, funny you saw that because I was tempted to buy mums this morning and thought "Come on, Cayce. Who are we kidding? You've had mums almost every year for 10 years and they barely make it to Halloween, if at all," so I skipped it. :)