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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WW Wednesday: 20 in 20 - Week 10

Half way there!

Well it has been a crazy 10 weeks.  I myself am not on track to lose 20 pounds by the end of this Challenge, but I have indeed lost.
When I started this journey 55 weeks ago, I never told myself "I want to lose X-amount of pounds by the time I turn 30."
Nope.  I just told myself, "If you keep at it, you can feel and look better than you have in years by the time you are 30."  That was 57 pounds ago.

Counting my slight gain today, I have had a net loss of 4.4 pounds in the last 10 weeks.
That is like 18 sticks of butter no longer sticking to my body.  Yes, I could have done a lot better, but facts are facts and I'm moving forward.

As I said Monday, I'm not going to share my exact numbers every week from now on, but I will tell you what kind of week it has been.  I might even share my total at the end of the Challenge.  I might even do a Before & After picture if I'm not too chicken.  :)

So, as for Week 10, I had a little gain.  Nothing happened because of it, though.  I'm still the same person.  My clothes still fit.  I look the same in the mirror.  No biggie... it happens.
I'm so over over-examining this.

How are the rest of my Challenge participants doing? I'm ready to listen.  Amber, where's my cheerleader?

(Aw, I miss Kodi.)


Melissa said...

I am up this week just a ltlle :(. This week will be better - it was a tough week, and I am different from when I started my journey 52 weeks ago. Just going to keep making strides and I will get there.

Cayce said...

Yes, Melissa you have come very far! I've learned a lot from you and your journey. :)

Ha, I was just thinking about shaking your arm on the way home today. Don't make me have to rough you up again. :) Ah good times...

Melissa said...

Thank YOU for listening and shaking out the negativity. So glad we doing this together :)