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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BabyCakes' Nursery Changes, The Sequel

Remember when I showed you how we changed BabyCakes' nursery around?
Well a couple days ago we decided to take it a step further.  Upon the hub's urging, we broke out the toddler bed.  It had been too many months of her waking up once or twice (or more) during the night and we had to try something different.

So we pushed the crib up against the closet and crammed in the toddler bed.
(Like the mess?  I'll explain that in a bit.)

So much for access to my vacuum/ her clothes. :/ 
We wanted to be certain she was ready for her big girl bed before disassembling the crib.  
After two nights of uninterrupted sleep (holla!), we were sold.  She even napped well for me yesterday.

But then came today.

This is what I found during what was supposed to be my therapy/chocolate time her nap time.

At least she was thorough.  Not one part of her room was spared.  There were even dirty diapers (ewww!) on the floor.

Eventually she gave up after I lovingly yet firmly told her to stay in her bed 3 or 4 times.

And NOW she is asleep.

We have 10 whole minutes before we leave to pick up BigBoy from school.

The toddler bed is here to stay, but maybe the crib wasn't so bad after all.


A Bunch of Hicks said...

That looks terrifyingly familiar! :-)

And that is why Audrey no longer naps, she "rests" in my bed while watching a movie! I would rather she do that than me have to clean up her room everyday! ahhhhh- girls......

Cayce said...

Oh, boys do it too! At least her room is easy to tidy quickly.

Daddy said...

Reminds me of your room some days when you were younger. Thank goodness you grew out of it. I hope certain un-named youngest daughters do the same. Love you guys!

Sally said...

Who's that you're talking about Daddy?

Cayce said...

um, yes. I remember walking on tip toe so I wouldn't step on the many clothes that would be all over my floor.
Sally, I think there's a good chance you are the "youngest daughter" he is referring to. I highly doubt Laiila can make this kind of mess yet. :)