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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BabyCakes' Nursery Changes

Before you read this post, please forgive the photos.  The lighting was not great.  If you'd like to compare her new room to her original nursery, you can see that post here.

In case you hadn't noticed, BabyCakes is quickly leaving behind the baby part of her nickname.

She's turning into a little girl.  One of the things she learned to do a few months ago was reach over and turn the overhead light on while standing in the crib.
You can imagine that that caused some problems during sleep time.
Because the desk and dresser are attached with straps to the walls, my obvious solution was to shift the bed closer to the closet so she could no longer reach the light switch.
I did that, but after months of having six inches to retrieve her clothes and the vacuum I store in there, it got OLD.

So, I moved the bed again.  I know it's not the prettiest layout but it's what works best for us right now.

(Notice the toys on the floor?  I left those out for you to get a feel for how her room really looks.)

See!  I can now fully open the closet door!

The basket on the floor houses all her babydolls.

I added a removable hook to the end of the crib so we can hang her outfit for the next day, her jacket, whatever.
Like those wrinkles?  Just keepin it real, folks.

She still has lots of bows.  Many have come and gone but we always find one to make it work.  :)

Instead of the baby blankets that once lived here, we now have baskets to help keep toys organized.
(They are not this dark in real life.  Again -- bad lighting.)

That's her play kitchen in the corner. There is actually still a lot more room than it appears and the kids have no problems playing in there.
Like I said, not the prettiest layout but it works, and that's what's most important.

 Things have to change over time.


Amber Lee said...

Dude... my kids slept in a TENT in the middle of their room at this age lol. No judgement here! And you should see us trying to squeeze room for Anna Gray's furniture into our house! Things are getting interesting :)

Gramps said...

Wow, the difference in Katie from the picture of her in the crib and what she looks like now. She's growing up so fast. Please put a rock on her head until we can get back out there to see you guys. Give the kids a big Gramps hug.
Love you all.

Cayce said...

Amber, I remember you saying that! Didn't they get all into lotion and vaseline once, too? :)

Daddy, I would put a rock on her head but she would promptly take it off and hurl at me probably. :) Such a delicate little flower...

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

BabyCakes is so stinkin cute! and i still just love the color of her room. looks great! (had to remove my earlier comment and re-post because it wouldn't let me edit)

Cayce said...

Rachel - thanks! I too am still in love with the color. :) Even the shirt she has on in the pics for this post are that color. :)

shelley said...

Hard to believe she's almost two. When you see her in the crib, it's easier to believe. She is definitely a photo hound. Always smiling.