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Monday, October 18, 2010

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Hi, I'm Cayce.

And I'm addicted to hair bows.
(Jana - is that you in the back? :) )

How did this happen, you ask?
It's no one's fault but my own.

I first knew I had a problem when I decided I needed a better way to contain all BabyCakes' bows. Then I binged and spent $15 on bows at one time.
That may not seem like a big deal, but for me it's huge.
That was when I hit bottom.

This is my story...

My first hair bows were a gift. They were free -- a friend gave them to me as a baby present. At the time I found them cute but I didn't really get it -- yet.
I didn't use them.

Then time passed and as my baby grew more hair, I thought about trying a bow for myself.
I put one in and it instantly transformed her from being normal-cute to soooo CUTE.
There was a high.

At first I only bought them on weekends (at yardsales). I told myself, "All the other moms are doing it. It's fun and makes me happy."

Then I started having cravings when I would dress BabyCakes and find her without a perfectly matching bow.

I was hooked when I bought the purple polka dotted one. I knew polka dots would step it up to a new level, but the plain bows weren't doing it for me anymore.
I didn't even wait to get home before using it.

Finally, on Friday evening when J wasn't home, I loaded up the kids in the Honda and went searching for a fix. First I hit a kids consignment store and then onto Target.

The night was young. The ribbon was crisp. I bought bows at both places.

I told myself I didn't "need" to buy bows. I just wanted them.

In only the brief amount of time that BabyCakes' hair has been able to sustain a bow, I've bought (or been given) 26 kinds and used them almost daily.

I'm not proud.

Don't worry about me, though. I've got it under control. My family and friends support me.

I will still use them recreationally, but I'm going to avoid temptation as much as possible. Craft fairs and children's boutiques -- the seedy underbelly of the handmade accessory world -- are going to have to be off-limits. I wouldn't want a relapse.

Thanks for letting me share.



Jana said...

Yes, yes, it's me back here. I don't know if addiction is even the word for me anymore. It is good addiction to have (I keep telling myself that). And they do transform an outfit. I will be here foe support, but it may be the kind you aren't looking for. :-)
I would be frightened to imagine how much I have spent on bows, but they are so worth it. You know the saying right? "The bigger the bow, The better the Mommy". I only slightly believe that.....
And Babycakes looks SO SO adorable in that polka dot bow!

Gramps said...

I'm afraid that you inherited your addiction from Granny and me. We had huge bows in your hair and your sisters as soon as there was sufficient growth to support them. As you well know, there are hundreds of them that still infest our house. Maybe we can send them all to you! Great Idea?

Kelly Jo said...

I am rolling at this post! I think I may end up in counseling over this same addiction. I have only purchased 5, but I have been given 21. But some of them are huge and they will serve her well once she grows into them. The sad part is that she is only 2 weeks old. I have started early. I had to click on your picture to admire yours in all of their glory...I do love the green and white one. This is my question...I have some beautiful bows that don't match any of her outfits. Will I start buying outfits based on bows? This could become very expensive!

Jana said...

Kelly, I can answer your question YES! You will buy outfits to match bows. And you will have bows made to PERFECTLY match your outfits too. It is an addiction, but a very very fun one. :-)