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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hey there campers!

Well it's been a rough couple of days around here (I'm not beginning to go there) but I think things, including me, are finally getting back to normal*.

This is what I found when I went to wake BabyCakes up from her morning nap yesterday so we could pick up BigBoy from school.

She was OUT. I felt so bad about waking her.
This is a shot through the crib slats:

Like ruffles on the butt, this is only a look a gal can pull-off while still a baby. :)
So cute!

* The inflatable ghost up the street is still not safe.


Jana said...

I thought of you yesterday while Audrey and I were shopping. She saw and wanted this GIANT inflatable Halloween cat. I told her NO, that Ms. Cayce would never approve of that! hahaha!

Babycakes was out. She looks so cute sleeping with her booty in the air! How is her mood when you have to wake her up? Audrey, well, you never know about her.

cayce said...

No, I would not approve, and thank-you for not encouraging it for a future generation!
The huge cat at their house is on the roof, so I consider it out-of-bounds. The ghost, on the other hand...

Only one time has BabyCakes cried when I woke her up. I have to do this almost daily, too. I hate it for her! She slept through me taking her picture and everything yesterday. I finally scooped her up at the last possible second and made a dash for school. I think we left at 6 till pick-up time. :)

Kelly Jo said...

That is too stinkin sweet! I love your comment about ruffles on the butt and this particular pose - very true! She is precious and I just want to grab her up and give her kisses. There is just something about a sleeping baby that melts my heart.

Rachel said...

Love it! It looks like she literally *fell* asleep. Hope she sleeps that hard tonight!

Jana said...

I want you to know I think about you EVERY time I see an inflatable Halloween decoration. I am sure you will have to hold back for a few more months, as there are tons of Christmas ones too!