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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Disney Book Wreath

BigBoy and and I worked on a little project during BabyCakes' afternoon nap today.
I've seen book wreaths before but never wanted to pay the high ($40+) price tag for them. I also didn't know where I would put one.
It's been a rainy day and BigBoy as been home sick, so today we tackled one with only at-hand materials.
We used 2 thrift store Disney books he didn't particularly like reading, one old frame I was preparing to donate, and some Gorilla super glue (because that's what I had).

All it involved was using a box-cutter to remove the pages from the books, rolling them up and gluing them shut, and them gluing them to the frame.
BigBoy picked out which side of each page should be exposed and I think he did a great job.

It's hanging on the kids' bathroom door at the end of the blah hallway.
Since BabyCakes is so mobile these days, we have to keep the door shut at all times.
Hopefully J will like it, because I really do.

What do you think?


Kelly said...

Super cute! After I looked at this, I googled them online and now I am dying to make one too! (it will probably have to be a Christmas break project though!) Hope you guys are doing well.

cayce said...

Thanks! I was too lazy to put something in the center. I was ready for it to be finished. If you do this, use hot glue instead of super glue!