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Sunday, October 10, 2010




inflatable yard decorations.

Why, may I ask, is it appropriate to inflate a ghost the size of your house and stick it in your front yard for the entire month of October?
Oh, and the same house has a giant inflatable cat on the roof. (So the hubs says -- I couldn't see it in the dark of night.) Is it supposed to inspire the "spirit of halloween" in us all? psh...

I live in a neighborhood with a strict homeowners association, (let's not even touch my opinion on that) and yet car-sized kitsch is okay to display in your yard. Excuse me, your lawn.

Tonight I took the jeep to buy the nearest chocolate out for a drive,(I was already in a mood) and there it was taunting my dislike of Halloween on my way back home. I swear if I hadn't been in a vehicle that sounds like it runs on gravel, I would have stopped and ripped that thing down with my bare hands. Never have I wished more that the jeep had a bb gun rack.

Maybe an old-school rolling will be enough. Yeah, that's it. You wanna play the inflatable ghost game? I'll come back at you with 20 rolls of scotty one-ply.

Ok, I think I need more chocolate.

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elise said...

totally with you!
i think you need a choc/tp run.