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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kids being kids

Yesterday after dinner and a long day at work, J was trying to relax on the couch but the kids were climbing all over him. Usually he would jump right in and play with them but this time he was really tired and thought he could escape the madness by laying in the floor. I'm not sure how he thought that was going to work...

This is just a little video of the kids being kids.
Nothing out of the ordinary, but thought I'd put it out there at least for the grandparents. :)


Gramps said...

Finally what this blog needs, frivolous footage of grandchildren. Daily posts will be fine with us. I love seeing them so happy and feeling good. Love you all.

Jana said...

Big Boys laugh is so so cute! And I love that Rex eats hair bows!!
And looks at the Baby pulling up and cruising around that ottoman (which I LOVE by the way. That fabric is beautiful!)
There is nothing sweeter than kids just being kids! :-)

cayce said...

Thanks Jana!
Oh, and when we bought our new furniture we wanted an oversized ottoman but they didn't have one in the same leather as the couch. That meant I got to pick out the fabric. :)
We had thought about selling our house and even got it all decluttered/depersonalized and started a webpage for additional pics for the listing
in case you would like to see the house. As I said before, the pics are for SELLING, not really how it looks now that we are staying. :)

Jana said...

OHH, I love your house. So pretty! Your colors are so soothing.
I love the craftsman style houses. They have so much character.

Katie said...

First of all, I am crazy about your son's laugh! HAHAHAHA! It just gets me! "BIG 4" - love it. And your sweet baby girl's twirly curls....how precious is that?! This totally looks like a scene from our house every night. Exactly... ;o)