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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WW Wednesday: 20 in 20 - Week 9

Yep, it's Wednesday and of course that means I attended my Weight Watchers meeting.
Walking up to the scale today I felt pretty good.  
YES, I ate out a couple times in the last week and NO I didn't get the steamed veggies on the menu, but I did pretty well balancing those heavier meals with modest normal-time (lunch at home with a toddler, etc.) choices. 
I even got in a little exercise.

So, I stepped up -- no, wait a minute, let me back up...  

So, I put down my bag and took off my flip flips and my sweater (I had a shirt on underneath - I'm not that desperate for fewer ounces on the scale), stepped up, and weighed in.  

Down 0.8.  


I wasn't surprised.  

I was a little disappointed but not a little surprised.

I think the main reason my weight loss feels so slow these days is because I'm really trying to go about doing it in a livable way.  I'm not really "trying" to lose weight.

I know myself way too well to think that I could sustain a lifestyle containing zero fat.  Or carbs.  Or sugar.  
I eat processed foods.  I drink diet soda.  I still don't really like never eat salads.
There are definitely things I could do to accelerate the process, but it's not worth it to me to hit "goal" a month or two sooner.

The biggest difference in my eating now is that I  try to make sure it's "worth it."

Are the kids' goldfish worth it?  No.
But a Dove bar on a bad day? HELL Yeah!  (sorry, mom and dad)

(Interesting, I just realized that doves are often associated with peace and I often crave Dove when I am looking for peace.  Kudos to their marketing people.  I mean little "k" kudos and not big "K" Kudos since I don't think the Dove marketing staff would like a basket of Kudos in their chocolate filled paradise office.  Hmm... I wonder if they are hiring?  Wow, I am way off-track.)

Anyway, I am going to "try" to lose weight for the duration of the 20 in 20 Challenge, however.  
Having a short-term goal that kicks you into gear isn't a bad thing, and I think I could use it.  
I've been at this for a year now!

So, where my Challenge peeps at? ;)


Melissa said...

Up .4. This is a new week, and I plan to track and exercise - much easier said than done sometimes :)

Daddy said...

Lost a pound this week. At least it's a positive result. Just a pound a week would be a big step towards the end goal.

Cayce said...

Atta girl, Melissa! :)

Daddy, yep, you're right. A pound or less) a week can do wonders. Good job!