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Monday, September 19, 2011


What did I do to work toward my educational goals this week?

I finished my application process for Community College.
Not too hard.  It's basically a BOGO-class-free kind of school.

Not really.  That was mean.

What can you expect when you install a drive-thru for Admissions, though?

Again, not really.  Just being mean.

I think my blood sugar is low.
And the kids are fighting with each other.

At least I wasn't the mom who ran out of gas and had to leave her Cherokee in the carpool lane this afternoon.
That had to be embarrassing.
I saw her frantic note written in fading ink waving out her window as I slowly went around the vehicle.
It's the mom-o-elementary-aged-children version of wearing clothes in public that are secretly smeared with baby poop.
And spit-up.
With toothpaste on your shirt... if you even got to brush your teeth.

To run out of gas in the carpool lane, things have to be pretty hectic.
Not judgin, just sayin.

After all, I have that toothpaste on my shirt today... and it's not even mine.

Again...  not really.

But I feel like I do. ;)

How are the rest of you making your goals happen?

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Melissa said...

Nothing is happening this week so far. I wanted to get the clothes the girls have outgrown out of the attic and start divvying them up to give away. I was sick and now with Emma sick, this may have to wait.
Good for you for getting your enrollment done for school :)