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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An update on my imperfection and new Mondays

Remember this post where I said I was going to go back to school?
Well guess who messed around and missed the deadline to register for this Fall?
Yep, it was a couple weeks ago.
I'm not making any excuses, but I let it happen and I feel bad that it did.  See, sooo not perfect.  (As if anyone thought I was.)

Looks like I have plenty of time to gather old AP and ACT scores, reapply for admission (since it has been over a year since I attended at this school), meet with an advisor, and pick out my classes for next semester.

All the same, I'm doing it NOW.  Before you know it the holidays will be here and opportunities for excuses will be bountiful.

So, since this is MY blaaaahg and I'm the queen, president, CEO, and loving dictator (dictatoress?) that I am,
(Imagine a short pointy-shoed man is reading this off a scroll...)

I hereby decree that Mondays are now "Make it Happen" Mondays.

This will be a place where we can track how we are turning goals and/or dreams into reality.
For now, it will be where I will check in with my progress toward my educational goals.
My husband has always had a very strong "Make it Happen" mentality about his future and I've finally understood what it takes to embrace a mindset like that.
You don't have to have the entire process planned out to start changing things.

So, please check in with your own progress toward a goal in my comments sections.
Take my 56-lbs-lighter-selve's word for it, accountability and support does wonders.

Want to run a 10k?  (Or 5k for that matter)
Want to save up for a big purchase or vacation?
Want to gradually clean-out and organize your house?
Want to give up sodas?

No goal or dream is too big or too small to take a step toward achieving.


Melissa said...

My goals are to organize the house and get this place painted. By next Monday, I'm hoping to get some toys cleaned out of the play room and get some clothes that no longer fit the girls put away. I'm with you - vie been procrastinating for far too long :)
Good for you getting stuff together for school now. :)

Kelly said...

I need to give up soda...but I refuse to until I have to :)

I realized when I went back to school that I HAD to be on top of EVERYTHING all the time. I was a horrible procrastinator until I realized that I would never get what I wanted that way.

My "make it happen" Mondays are going to be focused on getting a new job and being a more positive person/wife (which I have not been in about 3 months). As of today, I have an interview on Friday. It's one step closer, I guess :)

P.S.--you go girl on the school thing and the 56 pounds lighter thing! YOU ROCK!!!

Cayce said...

sound like good goals, ladies! looking forward to hearing your progress on them on monday!

Amber Lee said...

why yes... yes I do. All of those things.

But for now, I'm going to have to focus on my own educational goals. I, like you, procrastinated. Although I made it, getting a late start is seriously stressful and overwhelming. And seriously... four psych classes are going to make ME crazy. But hey... I'm doing it! Graduation here I come!