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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to the Gardens

Today BabyCakes and I met up with our girls Miss Rachel, Biz, and LadyBug at the Duke Gardens.

We hadn't been there in over a year and unfortunately BigBoy was at school today so he couldn't go. :(
(Biz lives in a school district that uses a traditional school calendar, unlike BigBoy's year-round.)

The Gardens hold a special place in my heart because when we first moved to Carolina I would sometimes meet J for a picnic lunch there. We would lay out the blanket in the Asiatic gardens and eat our sandwiches. (He's a turkey man and I was all about some pb & banana while pregnant.)
After eating we would lay back on a beautiful Spring day, watch the clouds, and hold hands. It was this wonderful little break from the real world where he was in a new job and I was alone during the day in a new place with no one to call a friend but the two Labradors at home. We had each other and the baby in my belly and that was more than enough.

Anyway, back to the present day.
It turns out ducks will eat Cheerios.  I actually thought to bring bread for the ducks but didn't think to get it out of the car.

LadyBug kept a close eye on me and my camera. 

BabyCakes made her brother proud and ran from many most of my attempts to photograph her.

Lil Miss Independent had to march around like a big girl after Biz most of the time.

Ha!  Got one!

BabyCakes and LadyBug didn't really have much to do with each other today. 
This is a posed shot of sitting on a rock.  Can you tell?  :)

Speaking of poses... 

There was a lot of construction and even more humidity, so today wasn't quite the relaxing stroll through a beautiful landscape that we expected, but I always enjoy our time with our girls.

And here as a bonus is the very rare shot of we Curls together, in all our sweaty, pale fair-skinned glory.

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Melissa said...

Great pics - looks like a lot of fun :)