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Monday, September 12, 2011

BabyCakes-less Monday Mornings

Today was BabyCakes' first morning in her PMO (Parents' Morning Out) at BigBoy's old preschool.
Every Monday from 9:00 to 11:45 will be MINE.  Well, except for the one Monday a month I will volunteer in BigBoy's Kindergarten class.
I plan to do fun stuff like dental cleanings and yearly ob/gyn appointments during this time so I can't wait!

When we left for "school" I had no worries about separation anxiety or her behavior while she would be there.  We've always had good experiences with the church nursery and the child care area at the gym.
BigBoy and I walked her in (it turns out he doesn't go back to school until Wednesday), said "Bye!", and she never looked back.  
On the way out the door I saw parents taking pictures.  Action shots of them walking into the classroom, shots of them playing with the toys, meeting their new teacher.

hmmm... never thought to do that.

After we picked her up from what was predictably a fun day for her with no crying or (thankfully) belly-bumping/bullying on her part, I saw even more cameras flashing.


I broke down and asked one nice mom if she would snap a pic of my poor neglected STRAWBERRY ( I can not emphasize enough that this is NOT a watermelon look she has going on) and email it to me.

She of course obliged and that's how you can she these gorgeous "mom the sun's in my face and I am hungry for lunch/ who is this strange lady taking my picture?" shots.

(That's my white mom-leg with the mystery dark spot on the knee.  Also, BigBoy in his beloved Toy Story shoes.)

I'm not complaining.  At least the kind woman swooped in and saved BabyCakes from another flare up of her Second Child Syndrome.

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Rachel said...

look how skinny your white mom-leg is! i have those same dark spots...i think it's from kneeling on the nubby bathmat every single night while washing the kiddos.