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Friday, September 9, 2011

Playground Posse

This morning we met Neighbor Melissa and her girls at a playground for a while.
It is BigBoy's last day tracked-out (he's in year-round school) before going back for 9 weeks, so I wanted it to be fun.

Unfortunately Sara is quite possibly turning into a bad influence for my daughter. ;)

Even though he was the oldest child there, BigBoy still had a lot of fun.

BabyCakes maneuvered the playground equipment like a seasoned pro -- no help needed or wanted from Mama.(Yay! Waaa? Depends on the day...)

She of course ran from the camera.
I don't blame her.  I don't like having my picture taken either.

It was a gorgeous end-of-summer day.

You know, going to the playground is an activity I usually wouldn't photograph.

But these are the days I will probably want to remember the most.


shelley said...

I enjoy the "going to playground" pics. Of course, any pics with the kids is great! I'm gonna print the pic of Katie in her bandana dress(from the zoo pics) so every one at work will know what I mean by pillow case dresses! :-)
Love to all.

Daddy, Gramps said...

Enjoy these days while you can and make a mental picture of them. They pass too quickly. Wish we could be there to see them play. Maybe soon. Love you guys!

Melissa said...

Love the pics, Cayce. Hope Sara gets past her shirt lifting and table dancing days soon ;)

Cayce said...

I like playground pics, too. I just usually keep the camera out of daily life like this. Glad it's only "usually" and not "always," though.