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Sunday, June 26, 2011

In a clutch, I could make it work.

As I mentioned before, I have a thing for clutches.
My usual bag is from the MaryPoppinsMom* line at Target.

I'm wearing a lot of white and aqua or navy on date nights and to church this summer, so I wanted a pretty clutch to match instead of my green stand-in.

I found this beaut (is that the abbreviation for "beauty"?  I'm not sure...) on etsy and decided to splurge on myself a little.  Knowing me I will use it for the next 20 years.  Besides, I think it's pretty timeless.

I love botanical prints and I've really tried to stick with my "only buy things you really love even if you don't know how they will interact with the rest of your belongings" philosophy.  Besides, I haven't bought any flowers for myself in a good while.

I don't know why I am showing my new purse to you. Maybe because J may be the only person who will see it besides me that I actually know and, let's face it, a new purse is far from the first thing he notices in his environment.
In the end it just feels good and weird to buy something just because I really love it and not because it could be re-purposed 14 other ways or cost $2.00.
I loved it. I had the space in my discretionary budget for it. I bought it for myself.

I didn't whine, whimper, or wish.
I acted.

So, do you like my new purse?!!!  :)

*The MaryPoppinsMom line at Target is fictional.  It's just my way of referring to the post-diaper bag, pre-normal-sized purse phase of motherhood that we moms-o'toddlers find ourselves in.  At any given point my bag contains 2 sippy cups (one fresh and one old found rolling around in the car), snacks, spare onesie, antibacterial hand gel, hair bows, and the materials needed for Jack Bauer to escape an eastern European prison.


Daddy said...

You definitely have the McCormack "pay the least amount possible" gene. I appreciate a small purse, especially since I have been known to hold up to 4 in a local mall while you girls shopped. I like the flowers, it looks like you. Keep on saving, your Mom would be proud!
Love ya

Melissa said...

That is a really pretty purse :)

Kelly said...

So, I have no children and in my purse at this moment is a book, a calender, matches (and I don't smoke), an umbrella, an ipod speaker, ink pens galore, lotion, chap stick, a sewing kit, nail polish,a screwdriver, earrings, etc.(yep, I said etc).....and my mother ask why in the world I carry a "suitcase" as a purse.....looks like she'd understand.

Cayce said...

Wow, Kelly, I can't imagine what your purse will look like after you have children! :)
I bet Pursey can't handle all that, can he? :)

Cayce said...

To clarify, I didn't pay $2 for THIS purse, I was referencing another one.