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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WW Wednesday

 Today I'm going to do a little celebrating.  I've lost consciously taken the steps to shed myself of 50 pounds, bay-bay!

Ok, full disclosure.  My starting number was taken at home on a non-digital scale. 
Today at WW I was 49.6 pounds lighter than that not-exactly-scientifically-precise measurement.  But I'm ready, dang-it!
So I'm rounding.  I'm allowing myself to go ahead and celebrate.  Besides, Daddy and Melissa gave me permission.  :)
So yeah, 50 pounds are gone.  That's the weight of 6 or 7 newborns.  So glad I'm not carrying that (the weight -- and the babies) around all day.

I'm going to share with you a few stats from my journey.

First I want to mention that I've lost weight in the past (which I regained) and had "wanting to lose weight" in the back of my mind pretty much for the last 16 years, (scary thought) so this is something that's been on my plate for a long time. 
The difference now is that I'm okay with slow, permanent change.  I'm not rushing to get into a prom dress or 2 piece swimsuit. 
This is it for me.
The change has been slow because I've changed myself inside slowly.  But it's sticking.

It has been 40 weeks since I made the decision to finally do this.
To turn the car around.
To look myself in the mirror, hold my head high, and decide that not just my family but I am worth the effort.
I didn't want any excuses for not living my life.
There is so much I want to do, see, experience.
From traveling to Australia to kissing my grandchildren on their wedding day.
So I decided to turn off the cruise and really start driving.

Since September there have been 8 weeks that I actually gained weight. 
There were also 8 weeks that I lost less than one pound.  Not one pound, less than one pound.
That means that 40% of the times I stepped on the scale, I saw either a gain or a modest loss.

That's why you have to keep going, people!  If we give up over slow or frustrating progress, we will never really finish.
Now, I don't "have it all figured out," nor do I have an iron will (far from it).  I just know that for me, this is the primary principle behind where I am in my weight loss/ eating habit efforts today.

I'm sooo not perfect and glad for it.
I'm very thankful that you have allowed me to share my journey (ick) with you.
Thank you so much!

Fifty pounds down, I'm-not-tellin-how-much to go.  :)


Melissa said...

You rock, Cayce! Thanks for being sic an inspiration to me :)

Cayce said...

And you to me, Melissa!